About Us
About Cactus Paws

Here at Cactus Paws, it is our mission to bring you the finest quality puppy of the
pomeranian breed. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every puppy is healthy
and happy, and will leave our custody to enjoy a fulfilling, spoiled life. You can
feel secure that when we are asking questions, we are taking steps to ensure a
good match for both you and your pomeranian. We have made great efforts to
breed top quality dogs, to produce the finest quality babies. Cactus Paws puts
the needs and well-being of our animals on top, which in turn puts your needs
and happiness as our customer #1.Without healthy, happy pomeranians, we are
nothing. Please do not hesitate to
contact me with questions or concerns, I am
happy to help.

Cactus Paws was developed deep in the heart of West Texas. It's home is
Sanderson which is considered to be the cactus capital of Texas. This country is
rugged and filled with western heritage dating back before the Texas Revolution.
The rancher still reigns the heart of this vast land. And here, a handshake and
your word is as good as gold. The people of this cozy little township are full of
smiles and generosity. These characteristics are what we base on
and border collie endeavor on.

Now a bit about our  family, which after all is who takes care of your baby. My
husband, Preston, has trained and shod horses for the majority of his life. His
mom has pictures of Preston dressing down feet at the age of three, but he has
been shoeing for the public for the past 27 years. Chances are if you are
meeting Preston at some point to pick your baby up, he's on a shoeing trip. He
still shoes all over the state of Texas. I know I'm a bit biased, but the man is
talented. I have loved and been involved with animals all of my life. They have
enriched my life more than I can describe. Preston and I have worked hard to
instill this love of animals into our three children. We are involved in the
awesome 4H program, My kids ride, rope and show horses. Shyanne is my
main partner in dog care. God has blessed us with a beautiful life! We also enjoy
the company of our horses, dorper sheep, boer goats, , and of course our dogs!