Pomeranians - Info     
Pomeranians are cocky, animated and definitely 100%, their personality is
bigger than the dog!

The pom is an active toy breed. They have an alert character and fox like
expression. They are a popular companion dog, as well as a competitive
Obedience training is highly recommended for this inquisitive and
intelligent breed. These little dynamos love to please and don't require a
lot of exercise. They will exercise themselves in a small yard and even
The pom is an active toy breed. They have an alert character and fox like
your living room. These sweethearts are an energetic breed that definitely
needs attention from their people. Even people that do not necessarily  
care for toy dogs, fall in love with poms. Their lifespan is usually 12-15  

Short History
Pomeranians come from Pomerania ( a little country between Germany
and Poland.) They are a cousin to the Spitz. Originally, they weighed 30
pounds and served as a herder of sheep and sled dogs. In 1870, they
were recognized by the kennel club of England. In 1880, Queen Victoria
fell in love with poms while in Florence, Italy. She was the main influence
of the downsizing of the pom into what we know today as well as the
popularity of the breed. AKC recognized this toy group in 1888. Today,
we see the pomeranian in movies, TV shows and music has even been
written about this vivacious breed.

General Appearance
The Pomeranian is a compact, short backed, active toy dog. They range
in size from 3 to 7 pounds, and ideal weight for show is between 4-6
pounds. The pom has a soft, dense undercoat with a profuse,
harsh-textured outer coat. They have a heavily plumed tail that is set high
and lies flat on his back. This dog is alert in character and exhibits
intelligence in his expression. They are buoyant in deportment and
inquisitive, cocky, commanding and animated as he gaits. The
Pomeranian is sound in composition and action.
Health Problems in Poms
This area is not meant to scare you, just educate you. Make sure
to ask your breeder if there are any health problems in his/her
lines. The breeder should always talk to you, never dance
around or shrug off your questions.

1. Luxating Patella - knees slip out of place (many times happens when jumping off
furniture or other high places)
2. Hypothyroidism - low thyroid
3. Coat loss problems - SHLS (Severe Hair Loss Syndrome) Black Skin Disease
occurs mainly in males. They may have profuse puppy coats with no guard hairs,
which does not shed. When puppy coat sheds, the coat does not grow back.
Another version happens later, normal appearing coat slowly starts to thin. It starts
at the back of thighs and buttocks and moves up the back.
Ask to see the parents
of the dog that you are buying!
4, Collapsing Trachea - honking noise or sounds like he is coughing up a hairball
might be his trachea. CT may be diagnosed with xray and medication can be given.
If unattended, this may be life threatening.
5. Heart problems - This can range from very slight to life threatening. Ask your
breeder if there are any heart problems in his/ her lines.
6. Hypoglycemia - This is common in very small or very active puppies. Their blood
sugar drops. Puppies outgrow this as they mature. If they become lethargic, please
give them the nutrical or Karo syrup or honey.
7. Idiopathic epilepsy - This typically occurs between 3-7 years and thought to be
inherited. They do not know what causes it.
Shipping Poms

I have a few options for you.
1. Shipping by plane. $
300. The baby
2 pounds. This is generally in the 9-10  
week range.

3. For those of you in driving distance,
my husband Preston shoes all over
Texas and can meet you at a specified
location set by us, or for $1.00 per
mile. We will meet at a specified
location of your choice.

4. Finally, you are more than welcome
to come pick your baby up at Cactus
Paws. I do strongly recommend visiting
the place where your baby was raised
if possible.
The furkids are kept up to date on their vaccinations, dewormings,
heartworm prevention and a homeopathic flea and tick prevention. I
absolutely hate using chemicals on these little guys.

The Pom Moms are only bred once a year to every 18 months if they
need a break. I only breed a female until 6 maybe 7 if she is in excellent
condition for both the health of the mom, as well as the babies. These
dogs are never overbred. Quality NOT Quantity!

All adults are checked regularly by our vet. They are fed Purina ProPlan
Small Bites or Chicken and Rice Formula. They exercise and play and
commonly take walks with me on our 100 acres. They are a part of our

babies are raised in my home and socialized around my three
children and other animals when they are of age. They are wormed at
4,5 and 7 weeks of age with a dewormer that I get from my vet. I
use over-the-counter wormer on these guys! I start their shots between
7-8 weeks of age to help boost their immune system. And are kept
current on their shots during their stay with me. The babies are also
started on litter box training using compressed shavings. They are
microchipped. They are given nutrical supplements, which you will also
receive a bottle when taking baby home.

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. When you
buy a
Cactus Paws puppy, you will also be receiving my support
throughout that babies life!

Puppy Uglies
The pomeranian goes through a "ugly
duckling"stage. At about 3-4 months of
age your precious baby may all of a
sudden turn into something that you
exclaim  MY, WHAT HAPPENED! Well,
your precious little angel is growing up.
They lose their cute little puppy fuzz
and then you wait for the adult coat to
come in. The luxurious,rich coats of
the pom requires months to fully
mature. They will be beautiful again
within a few months and that gorgeous
adult coat will be fully developed by the
time they are 14 months of age. Don't
worry, your baby will once again be
gorgeous, but for now just enjoy that
vivacious little personality and spoil
your ugly duckling!