Pomeranians - Our Dogs
Cactus Cowgirls
Mills' Darling Dixie Belle
Dixie is a gorgeous black with white markings gal. She has been a
terrific mama. Dixie is 6 pounds and is such a sweetheart. Thank you
Crystalyn with Regency Place Paints and Pups.
Regency's Precious Treasure
Treasure is a beautiful blue-tipped red sable girl that has
beautiful babies. Treasure is an 8 pound girl that had 7 babies
last year. She loves to play and snuggle. Thank you Crystalyn with
Regency Place Paints and Pups.
Regency's Legend of Aleria
Miss Aleria is the lover of this group. To know her is to love her. She's
a beautiful red merle that is an 8 pound girl. She has proved to be a
wonderful mama that we are so proud of. Thank you Crystalyn, another
beautiful girl from Regency Place Paints and Pups.
Cactus' Pixie Stix
Pixie is a vibrant black girl out of Dixie and Rowdy's first
litter. This little sweetheart weighs 6 pounds. We are
looking forward to her babies this summer. She's Cactus
Paws little clown!
Cactus' Princess Sasha
Sasha is a Cactus Paws up and comer. She is a beautiful thick
white girl that will be adding the white into our breeding lines. Her
first litter will be in 2011. We are expecting great things from this

beautiful princess!
Cactus Cowboys
Regency's Rowdy Romeo
Regency's Panda Bear Bandit
Rowdy is our gorgeous red boy. Just look at that coat, and
he throws it in each of his babies. Loyal, fun and loving are
just a few of this boy's characteristics that he shares with
his babies. Thanks Crystalyn with Regency Place Paints
and Pups.
Bandit is my little lover that is a bit more laid back and
more into snuggling. He brings the Parti to my lines and
just look at that coat. We are looking forward to his babies
this summer and fall. Thanks Crystalyn with Regency
Place Paints and Pups!
Cactus' Cowboy Romeo
Cactus' Buckshot Casinova
Cowboy is our animated little orange sable man! He is full of it,
never a dull moment when Cowboy is around. This little man
actually tracked a mountain lion. I would have never believed it
if I hadn't of seen it with my own eyes. Look for this little
Romeo's babies this summer. Thanks Sheila with Petticoat
Buckshot is a sweetheart of a baby. This little cream with
white genetics has a gorgeous thick coat. He's a little teddy
in 2011. He is all hair!
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Cactus' Blu Boy Buckaroo
We are so excited to add Blu Boy to our family! Another beautiful
baby from Crystalyn and Regency Place. He has both beauty and a
captivating personality. He is a dilute blue merle which means that
his base coat is blue instead of black, a beautiful white chest and a
white tip to his tail. Be looking for some gorgeous babies from this
wee might of a man in 2011. Thank you Crystalyn, we adore him.
Cactus' Precious Wee Cricket
Cricket is a gorgeous new addition to our coming white
lines. She is a beautiful, beautiful girl that is so fun to be
around, never meeting a stranger. Her lines go back to
Beau James and Wee Hearts. We feel so lucky to have her.
babies in 2011!
I will be updating our new additions in the next few days. Phoebe, Graycie, Izzy and
Addison as well as Riley, Black Jax and Ringo. Thanks for looking at the kids!