Cactus Paws
Pomeranians  are our focus here at Cactus

We are a small kennel operation that is dedicated to preserving the
high standard of  
You will find that these quality
pups are produced with strict
breeding practices, love,
devotion and attention to the
health and happiness of each
pomeranian that ventures off
from our home.

You will not be on your own once you
have purchased a pom or border collie
from us. No Sir! You have now entered
into the Cactus Paws family. We will be
here throughout the life of your baby!
  • we offer shipping at the appropriate age and
    weight ( to be determined by me)
  • high quality puppies of pomeranians
  • health guarantee of each baby
  • microchips included in the price
  • we reserve the right not to sell to puppy
    mills, puppy brokers, pet shops, large
    kennels or any one individual which I feel
    will not offer a good home to a Cactus Paw
  • pomeranian puppies are registered with the
    AKC and/or  CKC

  • I also offer discounts for multiple puppies.
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  • Things needed for bringing puppy home
  • feed
  • bowls
  • brush
  • potty training paraphenalia ( I use compressed shavings.)
  • dog bed
  • crate
  • toys
  • leash
  • supplements
  • keep feed and water available at ALL TIMES!
  • keep babies shots current
  • don't take puppy out socializing until puppy shots are completed
  • start heartworm preventative between 4-6 months
  • don't forget Rabies Vaccination
  • recommend vet check within 48 hours of purchase (precautionary measure to make 100% that everything is
    ok) I will not release a baby that I feel is not healthy; however,  I welcome immediate vet checks just to be
  • and last but not least, I'm here. If you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to contact me.
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In Loving Memory
Scrappy is a piece of my heart and
will be greatly missed in my
family!  May he rest in eternal
peace. Thank you God for sharing
him with me!
Scrappy Mills - 3/26/97 - 11/8/12
What's new!

Pomeranians are here!!! Please come see my
gorgeous furbabies!!! Sweet babies!

I will continue to strive to be a caring breeder! On September 10 2013, Mr.
Robert James came to Cactus Paws for our AKC kennel inspection . I am
excited to say that we were found in full compliance with AKC standards!

Due to recent events, I no longer accept personal checks. So sorry for any
inconvenience, we will accept cash, cashiers checks, money orders and

Thanks and God Bless!